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Park in our parking garages

There are plenty of spaces, more than 1200, in our parking garages and they are all located just a few minutes from the main square.

No parking disc needed 

In anticipation of the summer season 2019, we have introduced a new parking system across our parking garages which will make it even easier for visitors like you to park. Cameras automatically record your registration plate and initiate your parking session when you enter the parking garage.

This means you don’t need to set a parking disc or worry about setting your arrival time. When you leave, our cameras will record your registration plate again and automatically conclude your parking session. Parking is free between 6am and 11pm in accordance with local regulations. Information about regulations in respective parking garage or in our app P-HUS Varberg.

Overnight and long-term parking

You can park overnight at Briggen, Trädgården, Lorensberg and Kanngjutaren garages at a cost. At Briggen it is even possible to park for up to 15 days at a cost. Information about rates can be found at each respective parking garage.

Download our app

In conjunction with the launch of our new parking system, we will also be bringing out a new app. Downloading the app will allow you to receive automatic push notifications, making it even easier for you to keep track of your parking time. The app is called P-HUS Varberg and is avalable for Android and iOS.

More than 1200 parking spaces 

1. Briggen 293 spaces.
2. Trädgården 235 spaces.
3. Kyrkoherden Bäckgatan 76 spaces.
4. Kyrkoherden Prästgatan 128 spaces.
5. Lorensberg 466 spaces.
6. Kanngjutaren 60 spaces.

Parking for the disabled avalable in all our parking garages.

Map of parking garages


More information

If you have any questions about our parking garages, feel free to contact Varbergs Fastighets AB, 0340 – 50 60 00.